What is the veil of God?

By Tricia Cook

What is Sod?

It is the Sovereign Secret of the universe and everything that is within God’s Realm. What is the veil of God? I think His Sod includes the veil of God; the veil is how we change how we communicate to God to find out the secrets. Meaning, His sovereign secret is that you can unveil His Sod which is part of the ‘universal mind’ through asking Him questions. Relatively, the sovereign secret is: what we really can unveil are your own universal minds housed with-in the pons area which is deep in our brain via the thymus. He {God} created a ‘universal mind’; therefore, I’d say specifically, the universal mind is deep inside the brain in the alta major and soma chakras, and pons area of the brain. The pons controls our breath known as ‘life’. God gave us the ‘life’, so we can be the breath of God, leading a pure and blameless life. The pons just does serve to help the different lobes communicate but also is the veil of God. The pons area also contains the trapezoid body (RAS) where you are able to vocalize sounds. This allows us to speak, sing, praise and share His word- Hallelujah and chants Here & HERE. How do you think He knows our thoughts, feelings, sins (meaning back to thoughts/feelings), etc? Yes, we share a common mind with Him, His Kingdom (Realm) which is all stored and kept secret-literally needs to be unveiled. Also, the THYMUS holds the ‘universal mind’ includes everything seen and unseen, past, present, future, infinite, finite: Lastly, us and everything in existence and even non-existent (exist at one time, at that time, aka the here and now)! This is the power of God; It’s EVERYTHING contained within our very own brain and All, In His Plan. Note: It’s everything that can be unveiled but has been restricted from our frontal lobe within time and space perception restrictions, while the pons area of the brain connects and vocalizes and the All Important Thymus connected to brain stem (via Vagus Nerve): The God Center.

Communicating with God’s Realm

For those whose minds are self-centered along with weak and weary, let’s also examine the Sod by discussing Howard Gardern’s Bloom’s Taxonomy, Howard Garden studied how we should question on a lower and higher level based on one’s multiple intelligence. The levels of his taxonomy are on a continuum that goes like this: remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and last is to create (or recreate). I think the spiritual purpose of the young is to apply, while the old is to remember, and those somewhere in-between is to recreate. If we apply for Him (be in his image), recreate for Him (write books like this one), and remember Him (praise and worship), these causes change in the life force of the universe and change creates energy and questions are offered to us by God. Change [renewal of the soul] also creates a powerful life-force needed for His Realm. Anyway, God, my Nina, needs us actually, all matter, to be in constant change to recreate along with supplying energy (life) and inertia (life force) to the universal mind. Newton’s first law of motion teaches us that “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force- same with energies of love and fear! God Willing!

Nina, What’s My Question?

I propose to you, the reader, if asking: God, what’s my question that reveals his secrets? Would you be willing to participate? Did He create a ‘universal mind’ in which everything including the earth and the universe along with the heavens and beyond are housed in each person’s own mind? After all, the questions and answers are both in your universal mind for your knowing! This is why He made our ability to have speech along with higher-order thinking; hence, the frontal cerebral cortex and pons area of the brain was given to humans. Again, the frontal lobe is what God does for us! He also needs us to apply what He communicated in the Bible, recreate for change, and, most importantly, remember Him. Being God-soul centered, allows us to communicate with God in questions and unveil his Sod! In our quiet stillness, we actually receive the questions needed of Him, my Nina, through Numa.

Catechize (always in three) for example:

#2 Jesus, what’s my [your] reality my gifts?

#4 Holy Ghost, what are my [your] dreams and wishes?

#8 God, what’s my [your] purpose and my question, miracles and blessings?

‘Present your requests to God, which transcends all our understanding’ Philippians 4:4–9

The Divine Who Is Weak and Weary- Finds Self-Actualization

Self-actualization can be achieved in many ways, as Scott describes on his HERE:

  1. Continued freshness of appreciation, or gratitude for everyday things.
  2. Authenticity, which means staying true to your values when you are challenged.
  3. Truth Seeking.
  4. Peak Experiences.
  5. Good Moral Intuition.
  6. Creative Spirit.
  7. Humanitarianism.
  8. Equanimity.
  9. Purpose.
  10. Acceptance.

Retrieved from Kaufman, S.B. “Self-Actualization Tests.” Scott Barry Kaufman, 28 May 2020,

It’s using our humbleness to allow God’s assistance in giving us the questions-we need here on earth. Humbleness is the fact that you’ve followed God and unknowingly put him first. Besides humbleness, what is required to have unknowable divine grace? Spirituality, with unknowable divine grace, comes the questions and knowledge our souls seek. Let’s stop at viewing prayers as something answered; can’t it be viewed as something asked. What comes first anyway the question or the answer? He knows our prayers (answers) and questions- we just have to ask. I’d ask God, what is my question needing to be answered? This gives up all control of the ego nor judgment on the answer and outcome. This also gives up the mind’s involvement and resistance to the answer and outcome. Lastly, this gives up the heart’s distress and attachment to the answer and outcome.

‘Rising of the sun, to the place where it sets.

Who is like the Lord our God?

The One who looks down on the heavens and the earth.

The name of the Lord is to be praised…Praise the Lord!’

Tricia Cook-Inspired by Psalm 113:3–9

It’s by becoming a whole and complete soul without fragments and blocked chakras along with living the virtues of righteousness…Jesus is the Lord of Righteousness. We also have to obey him, repent our sins, and worship in His glory. He makes us whole; It’s using your whole brain; meaning, not using just your left or right side of your brain including the sixth sense.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 1 Corinthians 4:18

How do Access Unknowable Divine Grace?

I’d say go to your subconscious mind and makes up 99% of our decisions and learning (Leaf, C. 2020). Our subconscious- is the unseen which comes to life; It’s what’s real and in out THYMUS (high-heart). Our subconscious mind is the chord connection that leads us to God. It takes the willingness and faith to have courage and strength to have unknowable divine grace. You can do this through extreme concentration and focus along with a deep love for Him. You can focus on something beautiful. How do you do that? Start to look at everything as part of God and everything seen and unseen has beauty.

Let’s say hypothetically, you know everything about your child (every piece of hair on their head, everything they think and will do, just to name a few), and they’ve done something wrong- don’t you just ask them questions to have them think. Your child asks you lots of questions daily, don’t you turn them into a question again to have them think. God is not that different from us- Again, God, my Nina, communicates to us through questions- questions only offered up by Him have been given to us by grace and mercy. Literally ask, ’God, what’s my question?’. If you don’t begin your sentence with a question, I’m not sure how you pray and how much you try to unveil the Sod applies to Him nor if you don’t plan to share what you learned from communication with Him. We can think on a higher-level and communicate with Him plus so much more and that’s what I write about in this book.

Who is Consciously Divine: Spirit, Mind and Body?

It’s the union of emptiness and serenity; as well as, grace and mercy that God bestows on us. Ideally, it is the transference of God’s consciousness to take over how we feel, think, and act. We have to accept Him through mind, body and spirit! It is only capable of being done when we accept his pure light into our own soul. It’s having the veil of God through the Bible the consciously divine…then, we receive the answers of courage, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and truth our souls need to make this transfer of transcendence of emptiness and serenity. It’s knowing by faith and trust that the answers and grace will come, by the means of being filtered through the right side of our brain which is evaluation and observance. It includes whole-picture thinking, intuition, imagination, analysis, evaluation-to access to the pons area. Our conscious- is seen which comes to life! It’s what’s unreal. The pons access happens with a transformation to light. The thymus- is the gold thread, or chord [depending on the person] leading up to God and His Universal Mind!!

Have you ever asked someone, regardless of denomination or belief, what are they going to do next? The answer, I’ve prayed and waiting to receive the answer to my question. Is this giving into the veil of God? Our own questions only lead to a lack of freedom including experiencing resistance, judgment, and attachment! To avoid this calamity, I’ve learned to try praying to receive the question.

“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I (Jesus) have said to you.” John‬ 14:25–31‬‬

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