Responsive System Dysfunction (RSD): Neurodiversity our whole system wired differently…say what??? (Cook, V1A4)

The adaptation of children responding to the demands of the environment in ways that meet their own goals and function in a safe and secure way. Children with learning differences have deficits in brain plasticity- The brain’s remarkable ability to rewire itself throughout a person’s life is known as plasticity. The goal is spiritual mindsight and self-directed neuroplasticity- a child who has healthy neuroplasticity can heal their DNA via the thymus- vagus nerve chakra, and RAS & ACC/HPA including the connection to the consciousness (God awareness) and consistently being provided a safe, supportive, healthy, and loving environment [To prevent kids from learning from primarily from learning with either their mental, emotional and etheric bodies (anger/shame)]. Along with rewiring their perceptions and filters of the parasympathetic (shame) and sympathetic (anger) response system during stress such as reading, their perceptions of anger and shame are their lens to how they view and listen to their very own existence in this universe. For anger, they need autonomy (I am Worthy) and attunement for shame (I am Enough)- both need the two Bs: body and breath (see below for more about the ABC’s of Self-directed Neuroplasticity).

Help Young Children Switch OFF Negative Markers Through Their Very Own DNA: Will Allow Future Generations To Heal & Not Experience The Same Suffering Of Their Past Ancestors.

- Tricia Cook

Relative to epigenetics, nature and nurturing, the child with neurodifference, it’s the brain nature and nurture to integrate particular observations (patterns first) into a body to form coherent knowledge also the organization; primarily, It’s the basis on the child’s need for meaning and motivation (ask me about autism, Sensory Integration and Executive Functioning issues and/or disability). Therefore, the adult should make observational records including an anger and shame checklist of children’s inductive reasoning and matters of the mind (discussed more below) on all children before intervention!! The mind for instance: anger being replaced with strength, shame being replaced with empathy and both with love and removal of fear: therefore, they will increase their connection, trust, and love for themselves and others. I also touch on the safe, positive learning environments, toxicity and other environmental factors for instance you can view some of the activities and exercises: HERE.

In-text: (“What is Epigenetics? The Answer to the Nature vs. Nurture Debate”, 2020)

Section 5 Physical Plane- (see illustration 5.0 above)

Emotional Body–Shame Parasympathetic Functional System Dominance (PFD)- needs body/soul connection and attunement for help along with the following:

ACC- which is part of RAS (6–8th chakra) with the Pineal, Pituitary, Carotid Glands, and PONS area of the brain especially the 8th chakra which is the Crown, 5th & 6th chakra, and Alta Major Chakra which is known for increasing energy (hyperarousal), also includes VACC involved in emotional appraisals, cognitive control, and error T. Also, work on the thymus with the thymus chakra also known as the seat of the soul, vagus nerve chakra, or aka etheric chakra.

Mental Body– Anger Sympathetic Functional System Dominance- (SFD) needs body/soul consciousness, connection, and autonomy for help along with the following:

HPA- Part of the Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Adrenal axis which is part of RAS (6–8th chakra) along with the 4th chakra especially the 7th chakra and 8th which is the Crown, Pituitary and Soma Chakra (right behind 3rd eye) which is known for decreasing energy (hypoarousal) and increasing consciousness.

Note: The HPA axis is responsible for the neuroendocrine adaptation component of the stress response. Also, work on the thymus with the thymus chakra also known as the seat of the soul, vagus nerve chakra, or aka etheric chakra (see below).

Etheric Body– Anger/Shame has problems with both the emotional and mental body (mind) see Total Functional System Dominance (TFD)- needs Body-Soul Connection for help along either the following:

RAS including ACC/HPA along with chakras 6–8th includes the Pineal & Pituitary Gland, PONS part of the brain, Crown, Pituitary and Alta Major/Soma Chakra (Cingulate Gyrus- the cingulate gyrus is a large arch-like lobe in the center of the inner brain that is a part of the limbic system. This area of the brain functions to process conscious emotional experience).

Also RAS (6–8th chakra) especially the 8th chakra which mainly is part of the brainstem via the vagus nerve (thymus- vagus nerve chakra) involved in arousal (hyper-hypo) which helps to learn such as focus/attention, sensory integration, hormones released, speed processing, LT/ST memory, vigilance/motivation, and overall (hypo-, hyper-, & varied) arousal, sleep and wakefulness, and control of reflexes. Also, work on the thymus with the thymus chakra also known as the seat of the soul, vagus nerve chakra.

Other Complications

Anger Sympathetic Lateral Functional System Dominance

(Hyperarousal- mainly prefrontal lobe functioning): Possibly Dsyeidetic (visual) Dyslexia including WORRY OF THE PRESENT. Tend to be the abuser (dominant others) as have been abused (developmental trauma) need to believe they are “worthy” (spirituality=God-soul consciousness and connection). RAS chakra 6th-8th (7th specifically)= Pons & Soma Chakra Issues (more common) (High Functioning Autism-below).

• Hostile • Irrational • Self-centered • Poor focus • Sleep disturbances • Tantrums • Coerciveness • Fidgeting • Racing Thoughts • Delays in the 5 domains of childhood development- meaning delays of reaching developmental milestones, and developmental disabilities (most common and can be included in Autism); cohabit with ADHD, impulsive/hyperactive type. Possibly other complications such as:

  • Behavior disorders (ODD-hyper-dysregulation).
  • Brain injury (TBI).
  • Down Syndrome.
  • Intellectual Disability.
  • Spina Bifida.
  • Delays in reaching physical (Developmental Coordination Disorder especially gross motor such as Restless Leg Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy all included in Autism)
  • Adrenal & Thyroid Gland Issues (and Histamine Intolerance and other Autoimmune diseases such as Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Chronic Urticaria, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Celiac disease and other diseases Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis (again- hyper-thyroid and thymus see Vertigo, Aphasia, Dsyeidetic (visual) Dyslexia under SPD-below
  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation in organs such as the Pancreas (CFS), Duodenum, Gallbladder, Liver, Tongue, Brain, Spleen, Stomach, and Throat (again- hyper- thyroid and thymus) and Histamine Intolerance and other Autoimmune diseases such as Chronic Urticaria, Hashimoto’s, Lupus, Celiac disease and other diseases Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis (again- hyper-thyroid and thymus); & Dementia.
  • Symptoms: (Liver & Gallbladder) Depression, Frustration, Indecisiveness, Panic, Taken for Granted; (Spleen & Stomach) Low-Self-Esteem, Control, Failure.
  • Susceptible Developmental Trauma.
  • Personality Disorders such as Narcissism.
  • Abnormal Neuroplasticity.
  • Delays in reaching language (Specific Language Impairment/Delay)
  • Sensory Processing Problems/Issues — Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) such as Hyperlexia and & Sensory Integration Disorder (normally labeled SPD Problems/Issues): Hyper-visual problems such as Convergence (focus) and Irlen Syndrome (dimension/color), ADHD- hyperactive.: Hyper-Sight/Visual …Visual Processing Disorders Dsyeidetic (aka visual-surface) Dyslexia ex. Irlen Syndrome- hypersensitivity to light; Convergence Issues (focus beyond the object) all included Autism; Hyper-Sound/Auditory …Auditory Processing Disorders: Hyperlexia, or Aphasia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (HyperNoise-CAPD), Misphonia, Hyperacusis, all included in Autism; Hyper-Touch/Tactile …All included in Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Hyper-Taste/Gustatory …social/emotional problems all included in Autism, depression; Hyper Smell/Olfactory …Hyperosmia (hyper-smell); Attention-deficit hyperactivity-impulsive disorder (ADHD), Tics, OCD- hyper obsessed (categories, sequencing), other Anxiety Disorders and Tourette’s Syndrome.
  • Sensory Processing Problems/Issues (SPD)- Specific Language Disability (SLD)/Specific Language Impairment (SLI) and & Sensory Integration Disorder (normally labeled SPD Problems/Issues)- Hyper-visual processing such as Dsyeidetic (visual) Dyslexia, Hyperlexia, Dysgraphia (hyper-fine motor and coordination), and Dysphasia.

Shame Parasympathetic Lateral Functional System Dominance

(Hypoarousal mainly right hemispheric lateral functioning dominance): Possibly Dysphonetic (phonetic) Dyslexia along with WORRY OF THE PAST & FUTURE- NEED to be Present. Tend to be the victim (subordinate) as have been abused (shock trauma)- need to believe they are “enough” (religion=God-soul connection). Paralysis of action • Dissociation • Emotional numbing• Sad • Distracting • Self-soothing (stimming)• Reactive • Sulking • Whining/complaining • Clinginess or neediness • Reluctance to explore the world • Delays in the 5 domains of childhood development- meaning delays of reaching developmental milestones, and developmental disabilities (most common and can be included in Aspergers (high functioning autism); cohabit with ADHD, inattentive and distractible type, also RAS chakras 6th-8th= Pons & Alta Major Issues (more common) (see Dyslexia under SPD-below) Specific Language Impairment- Dysnomia included. Possibly other complications such as:

  • Behavior, Personality, Attachment Disorders, Social/Emotional, Personality Disorders and Psychological Disorders-: Obedient Defiant Disorder, (ODD-hypo-dysregulation), Bipolar Disorder, Sleep Walking, Mood Swings along with being susceptible to Emotional Intensity (EI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Shock Trauma, Bipolar Disorder (BPD), Narcissism.
  • Brain injury (least common).
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (hypo-arousal).
  • Slow Speed Processing Disorder.
  • Executive Function Disorder.
  • Abnormal neuroplasticity.
  • Chronic Pain and Inflammation (Allergies/Asthma-Migraines, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune Dysfunctions such as Histamine Intolerances such as Chronic Urticaria & Dementia including Alzheimers Disease (see hippocampus)).
  • Also, the organs such as Small Intestine, Hara, Glands-Sexual Organs & Reproductive, Heart, Lungs, Spinal Base, Colon).(again- hypo-thyroid and thymus).
  • Symptoms: (lung & colon)-Grief, Confusion, Self-abuse, Defensiveness; (small intestine)-Abandonment; (Glands-Sexual Organs-Reproductive) Unworthiness
  • Addictions & Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Aspergers (more common).
  • Sensory Processing Problems/Issues (SPD)- Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) included Specific Language Impairment (SLI) and & Sensory Integration Disorder (normally labeled SPD Problems/Issues)- Hypo-auditory processing such as Dsyphoentic Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia (hypo-fine motor), Dysomia, Vertigo (hypothyroidism), ADHD- hypoactive, inattentive. Hypo-Sound/Auditory-Proprioceptive Reading Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Hypo-Touch/Tactile …All included Aspbergers, Hypo-Taste/Gustatory …Social/emotional problems, eating disorders (Bulimia) all included Adspebergs; Hypo-Smell/Olfactory …Attention-deficit inattentive type (ADHD), Other Anxiety Disorders all included Adspebergs; Hypo-Sight/Visual …Visual Processing Disorders- Hypoglycemia.

BOTH (Para/Sympth)Total Functional System Dominance– can be varied speed processing, plus cohabit with ADHD, combined type with Hyperlexia and/or CAPD (hyper Noise)-Dysphonetic (hypo Sound) and/or Convergence (hyper Focus), Irelen Syndrome (hyper Scotopic Light Sensitivity). They can have Autism with varied learning differences.

Note: I have observed Autism, varied speed processing, and sensory processing issues (exercises for these-see below for more information including Total Functional System Dominance). Therefore, the information of learning gets scattered throughout the brain from lobe to lobe; Hence, when doing hands-on-healing, I’ve felt that the energy gets scattered throughout the brain and feels like scattered energy in the palms of the hands of someone with Autism. Also, for anyone, if the crown, third eye, throat and alta major chakras start to go hyopactivating or hyperactiving then you will get a migraine, vision problems, memory problems, “brain fog” and allergies. Most meditative practices including breathing techniques, 528Hz frequency of sound healing therapy, and Kundalini yoga is good for this.

The Soul

Cook’s Alternatives and Suggestions for Lateral Functional System Dominance

You might need to contact me for help if you or your child/student can’t be reached and seems disconnected; Also, when it comes to learning, they show some or all of the following emotions and challenges: anger, frustration, shame, and sadness; has chronic headaches, stomach aches, hives; appears to have low-self esteem; squints when reading; feels behind or “different” than the other kids; has behavioral and learning challenges; emotionally intense or desensitized; complains; thrives for constant attention; labeled emotionally intense, gifted and talented or twice-exceptional; has trouble focusing or paying attention; destroys their pencil, eraser, and crumples up their paper after working very hard; problems with organization or being on time; poor eye-contact, body-space awareness; sleep and/or digestive problems; has problems spelling or with handwriting; complete interest-based learner; grips pencil very hard; has glasses but still complains about not seeing the letters or words, ultra-sensitive, problems with authority; doodles on paper; problems understanding verbal directions; picks and scratches at their skin and nails; can be needy, clingy, and “whinny”; described as dramatic, creative and very imaginative by others; been or going to be held back in school; has trouble connecting to others; tired all the time; great with verbal comprehension and large lexicon, shows anxiety, anxiousness or depression; overactive-reads, writes, moves, and thinks extremely fast or slow; sensory-processing problems or issues; constantly moving hands/feet or fidgeting; overly kind or pleasing others; considerably ‘moody’; known for “daydreaming”; aggressive and violent; gets low grades: yet, highly intelligent; can comprehend well but has trouble with spelling/reading fluency; adverse to learning or trying something new (resilience) as well as low in motivation!


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